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Panaginip (Oil on Canvas)
Sleepy (Oil on Canvas)
Laro (Oil on Canvas)
Solace (Oil on Canvas)

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Abigail Linatoc Mendoza is an oil painter from the suburbs of Chicago, IL whose work unpacks struggles of belonging in a space, impostor syndrome, and the perpetual foreigner through the lens of a second-generation Filipinx American.  She is currently the Vice President Internal of the Midwest Association of Filipinx Americans and has co-presented workshops at a variety of student conferences on topics such as Mental Health and Art Therapy, Beauty in an Age of Colonization, and toxic masculinity.

After graduating with a BFA in Painting from the Herron School of Art + Design, she will begin an MA in Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this fall.  Abby is also part of Commonfolk, a POC-run collective known as “the intersection of art, technology, and social justice.”  Her work has been shown in galleries in Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Wichita.

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