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Blue Glass Eyes

Look at me with your blue glass eyes

And stare into my soul 

What do you see when you look at me? 

Do you even care to know?


I didn’t know it would be so hard

To find myself in your eyes

You’ve seen your face cast in marble and stone

And in the mirror, I am all alone


They’ll sing of your beauty and I will fight to be seen

As a body and soul with a life of my own

But you could never colonize me

No, you could never colonize me


I am a place of my own, not your home

Not for you to rest on my tired bones

So take all the land that you stole from me

And bury your pride so it won’t reach me

Emma Noelle Buhain is a singer/songwriter, analog photographer, and experimental filmmaker based between Manila and New York. She is currently working on an album of songs to be released post-pandemic. 

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